Stay in Europe or Head Further Afield This Winter?




The UK is endowed with some of the most scenic landscapes in the world, sparkling lakes in the Lake District, beautiful English countryside in Cornwall and stunning coastlines on the East Coast. You can savor the best of UK together with friends or family by staying is some of the best large holiday homes, cottages, converted barns, stately homes and the list is somehow endless. You can choose from self catering property to being waited on, depending on the type of vacation you want.

Escape to Scotland and enjoy the breathtaking rural destinations, magical cities and numerous group accommodation properties sprawled all over the region from Oban to Newcastleton that sleep from 10 to 30 people. The Stuckgowan house overlooking the stunning Loch Lomond is a finely restored house with a seven-sitter hot tub, cinema room and games room perfect for a large group of nineteen to twenty five people. It’s just one o f the many options you may have.


It has been revealed that British holidaymakers are opting for staycations rather than overseas holidays. This may be likely to save on cost, but mostly because most people want to enjoy the best of UK. Families have not been isolated in this trend either, more and more families are choosing to enjoy the best of attractions at their doorstep. Travelling abroad is not only expensive especially for families but also stressful and time consuming. Family holidays in the UK require less planning and getting there may just require you to fuel your family car and drive to your destination.

The assortment of great destinations, from rugged coastlines to gentle rolling hills and large accommodations suitable for families makes UK family holidays more appealing. A lot of families also find it convenient to hold family get-togethers on holiday destinations within the UK. Most families are also promoting local tourism.


Morocco offers a fine destination to escape the chilly winter due to its sunny weather and its short distance from Europe. In fact in some insurance policies it is included as part of Europe; you may actually not need to purchase a worldwide premium if you are headed to Morocco.

The red city of Marrakech welcomes you to be fascinated by its tireless charm: from its vibrant acrobats to its mindboggling magicians and bustling souks where haggling of prices is the norm of the day. You get to experience the exotic culture of the Berbers at its best by resting your tired feet in the regal comfort of the converted Riads.

Essaouira welcomes you to its peace and tranquility and its quaint fishing villages. Its breezing sea winds encourage you to join in the ongoing surfing activities while its beautiful harbors and ramparts yearn for your attention.

Agadir is almost assured of over three hundred days of golden sunshine. It is here that you get the perfect destination if sun kissed beaches is what you are looking for.



Stay in Europe or Head Further Afield This Winter?
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