Coffees To Try Before You Die

When it comes to coffee and the culture surrounding it, there should be no surprise to learn that there is a massive variety of ways in which this drink can be enjoyed. It is this flexibility that people love about coffee and why so many spend big bucks on getting a range of coffee making tools at home, from an espresso machine and a French press to a coffee maker with grinder and beyond. The key to making the most out of drinking coffee is to keep your mind open about different ways in which you can enjoy this drink, and here are the coffee-types which you simply must try before your time on this planet is done.

Caramel Macchiato

It can be pretty hard to keep up with the new and exciting flavors and techniques which we add to the coffee process, and whilst some fail, others really do not disappoint. The caramel macchiato is very much in the latter category, a sweet and refreshing cold coffee which will have you wanting more. The drink is made using vanilla syrup, cold milk, ice, 2 shots of strong espresso and some caramel sauce to top it off.

Turkish Coffee

Coffee has been traded throughout Turkey since the 16th Century and in the modern day there is an entire culture which has grown around the love which the Turks have for coffee. A Turkish coffee is made using cold filtered water, fine Turkish coffee and sugar, all of which is brought to the boil and then served unfiltered, the taste is strong and the sweetness offers the perfect balance to the bitter flavor of the coffee.


When the very first espresso machines were imported from Italy to Cuba, the locals decided that the drink was lacking a certain something. This lead to what we now know as the Cuban coffee, which is essentially an espresso made with ground coffee, that has a small amount of hot water which has been heavily sweetened, added to the mixture. Cubans drink this every morning to get themselves up for the day, and you should too!

Irish Coffee

We drink coffee for various reasons, some for the taste, others for the caffeine content and over in Ireland they created a coffee with the intention of warming up the soul. Originally the drink was designed for American tourists who struggled with the harsh Irish winter, and its popularity has only increased since back then in 1940. The drink is made using a double shot of espresso which has a layer of Irish whiskey added to it, and topped off with some whipped cream.


For those who like a small coffee but find an espresso to strong, the cortado is a wonderful option. This is popular throughout Spain and Portugal and it is basically an espresso with some frothy milk added. The milk cuts out the acidity of the drink and is generally enjoyed in the afternoon.

How many of these coffees have you tried already? Let us know in the comments.

Coffees To Try Before You Die