Why Do I Love To Share Photos On Social Media?

Love it or hate it, social media is now a major part of our lives. You’d find it hard to list off over 5 of your friends that don’t use it. Even the President of the USA is on social media all day long tweeting away about a whole of host of different issues. 

Of course social media is important for me because I run a blog, so therefore I need to keep sharing my travels with you all and also my new articles such as this one. Apart from that, there are many reason why I love social media – one of the main reasons is that I can share my photos on there. My buddy Paul Hurdsfield and me were chatting about this the other day because we’ve both traveled extensively and have some awesome photos on social media.

So why do I love to share photos on social media? 

Show My Family

When I post a picture I know that all the people in my family with social media will see it, they will then be able to tell the older people such as aunts and uncles what I am upto and where I am in the world. Families love seeing that everything is going well and that you’re having a good time, a simple picture does both of those.


When I first used to say I want to inspire people I kind of thought I was being a bit arrogant but in reality I wasn’t. I have had many people get in contact with me telling me that they are planning to visit places or do activities because they’d seen a post of my. Paul Hurdsfield told me the same, his mates have booked holidays just because of his posts.

Keep Memories

There isn’t a better place for me to keep my photos and memories. All I have to do is upload my pictures, put them in an album and then I know they’ll always be there – for free! Probably the number 1 reason I love posting pictures on social media.

Why Do I Love To Share Photos On Social Media?