Great Stag Party Ideas


We almost always seem to know at least one person who’s getting married in the coming year and with it comes the ideas for the hen or stag do – usually long in advance. Stag do’s always seem to have the same general feel to them – getting too drunk in a foreign land and spending far too much on alcohol. If you or one of you mates is getting married this year and you’re looking for the perfect stag do idea, check out these real kickers below!

Sports Tours

If you or your mates are heavily into sports of all kinds, why not consider going on rugby tours from Sports Travel Southwest for your stag do? With a knowledgeable crew and staff to help make the most of your sports tour, it’s a great idea for parties of all kinds as well as for school groups and more. Not only this, but they work with tour organisers and operators around the world, so if you aren’t looking to head out on a tour in your own backyard, you can find the perfect sports tour in a far flung land somewhere!


The ultimate in fun sports activity! Paintballing is a great time out with friends of all ages and genders and sees you team up against each other in a battle for the last man standing. Evade being shot with small pellets of paint and claim victory over your friends in the ultimate battle of wits, evasion and shooting accuracy. There are many different varieties of format from capture the flag, every man for himself, teams and more. Some courses are outdoors but some are indoors as well so you can do this great, enjoyable activity in all weather.

Laser Tag

Similar to paintball but less messy, laser tag takes you on a gauntlet of assault on courses with high ledges, low crawl spaces and everything in between to evade being shot in your armour with a laser. Some courses add mist and have flashing lights to disorient you more to make the excitement and challenge more palpable. Whatever you choose to do, laser tag is the ultimate in exercise, fun and skill shooting.

Fishing Trips

If you really want a laid back, chilled out stag do, then fishing trips are the way to go. With so many amazing options for fishing from sea, beach, fly fishing or lake fishing around the UK, it’s easy to see why this sport continues to be enjoyable. You can even book fishing trips to nearby countries such as France with boasts some beautiful scenery as well as great catches. Mix it with camping for the ultimate boys weekend away on the cheap!

There you have a couple of great ideas for awesome stag dos that won’t necessarily break the bank either. With so many cool ideas for getaways for you and your boys, you will be sure to find something everyone – especially the groom-to-be will love!

Great Stag Party Ideas
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