5 Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the world’s most fascinating and cosmopolitan cities, with a rich history to enthrall those looking for a cultural holiday. With so much to see and do, it’s a wonderful city for sightseeing, going out on the town, visiting museums and eating fantastic food. Holidays in Berlin are fun-filled and great for the whole family. Here are 5 things not to miss when visiting the German capital:


Museum Island

Berlin has got some of Europe’s most fascinating museums, and many of them are congregated on Museum Island. They exhibit everything from ancient sculptures to Byzantine collections to gorgeous art pieces. The museums were supposedly designed to create an organic relationship with the art they respectively house.

Go on a Pub Crawl

There are so many pubs and underground places to explore by night in Berlin. You can go on one of the city’s organized pub crawls, a great way to meet fellow travelers and see some of the more popular nightlife spots. Many hotels in Berlin can help sign you up for one of the put crawls. Or just create your own pub crawl; you can get off at any metro stop and find quirky and interesting bars and pubs to explore at your own pace.

Berlin Wall

Though most of the Wall was destroyed in 1990, you can still visit a good 1.3 km. stretch of it that’s now called the East Side Gallery- it’s been covered with murals by international artists over the past twenty years. To reach this part of the wall quickly, take the S-Bahn to Ostbahnhof. You can also check out the wall through one of the many walking tours in the city. Check out Sandeman’s (free) Berlin Tour to see the wall and learn about the history.

Mauer Park

On Sundays, this off-beat park puts on Berlin’s best flea market where you can search for all kinds of treasures alongisde locals and visitors. Also on Sundays, a nearby amphitheater in the park features the “Bearpit Karaoke Show,” inviting anyone and everyone to come on stage and show their talent! It’s a great place to experience some of Berlin’s quirkier pasttimes.

Zoological Garden

The largest central park in Berlin, Tiergarten, features the country’s oldest and best-known zoo. And it’s one of the best in Europe because it presents the most comprehensive collection of animals in the world! Just try to see all 1,500 species and over 17,000 animals here in a day- it’s a tough one to achieve! A perfect daytime activity for the family.

5 Things to Do in Berlin