7 Things Timeshare Sales Reps Won’t Tell You

So you attended a timeshare sales presentation, realized that paying for hotels year after year was a huge waste of money, and decided to “own” your vacation by purchasing a timeshare. Those sales reps make everything look so glossy and perfect, and it does seem to make sense to “invest” in your vacation, right? Well here are 7 things you really need to know that they won’t tell you in the sales pitch:


 1.  Time Shares Aren’t a Good Investment

Sales reps will push timeshares as a quality investment, when in reality you’re putting money into a depreciating asset. Don’t expect a big return on a timeshare, just consider it investing in your family’s enjoyment of vacation. If you discover too late that a timeshare is not for you, use Right Choice Transfer to help sort out your timeshare and return your investment.

2.  Time Shares Come with Hidden Risks

Buying a timeshare means you’re purchasing part of the building and facility, which puts you at risk in case of a disaster. If the worst should happen, you could have to cover the costs of rebuilding or recovering your timeshare.

3.  You Have to Go Every Year to Make it Worth Your Money

When you do the math, the reality is that if you can’t travel one year for some reason, you’ll lose money on your timeshare investment. You may as well just be booking a hotel for the same price, without all the strings attached to a timeshare.

4.  You Can Get Your Time Share for 50% Off

When timeshare owners want to sell, they generally have to cut the value of the timeshare in half. This means that buying a new time share is a bad investment for you, and buying a used timeshare is the perfect way to save a ton of money.

5.  Trading Isn’t Easy

The sales reps will tell you that if you want to change locations or dates, trading timeshares is a total breeze. This is a lie. It can be a massive headache trying to figure out how to exchange your timeshare and there are often fees stacked on top to make matters even worse.

6.  Travel Costs Aren’t Factored When They Compare

The sales reps will sway your decision by comparing the cost of your vacation booking hotels versus your vacation in a timeshare. However, they will usually leave out the travel costs (airfare, food, etc) for the timeshare! Don’t be duped by this trick; account for all travel costs when making comparisons like this.

7.  Hotels Aren’t The Only Costs Inflating

Another thing you’ll often hear at these sales pitches is that the price of hotels is inflating like crazy. Well, they’ll conveniently forget to tell you that the price of timeshares is going up as well.




7 Things Timeshare Sales Reps Won’t Tell You