Cruising Through The Norwegian Fjords

The first thing you need to do is find the find cruise company and the right price for you. The days of overpriced cruises certainly aren’t over, but there a lot of companies that are trying to appeal to a demographic with a lower travel budget. There’s a British company called Cruise Kings that do Cruises to the Norwegian Fjords (here), and they have a cruise deals section. I think it’s maybe best to monitor a website’s cruise deal section and to have a few holidays saved up from work, so that you can jump on a deal at a moment’s notice.

Why Would you want to go to the Norwegian Fjords?

If what you seek are stark, majestic landscapes, ancient glacial valleys and striking mountains, then a trip through the Norwegian Fjords is sure to deliver.  Before you embark on one of the several fantastic cruises, here are some of our top tips to ensure that you have the best trip possible:

Choosing The Right Time To Go

Most cruises to the Norwegian Fjords run from Late May to the end of September.  The most popular time to set sail is anywhere from mid-June to August when the temperatures are at their highest.  This is also the time of year when you’ll have the most daylight (and therefore a lot more sight seeing time) and you’ll be able to enjoy the lush, green landscape.

That being said, you can still have a great time and save quite a bit of money if you choose to go during what the cruise business calls the “shoulder season”.  These seasons include the first weeks of May and the very end of September.  It’s colder and you may get some rain or even snow, but you’ll find the ship to be a lot less crowded.

Specialized Cruise Vs. Generalized Cruise

A lot of cruises that head to Norway or set sail from this beautiful country will spend a day or two visiting the fjords as part of their regular schedule.  For a lot of tourists, this may be all that they need to gain an appreciation of the area.  For others, it won’t be nearly enough.  If you want to focus just on the fjords, then you’ll need to dig a bit deeper to find a specialized Norwegian Fjord tour.  Most of these tours depart from Bergen and then head to southern Norway where you’ll see some of the most spectacular sights that the country has to offer, like Geirangerfjord and Sognefjord.

Packing For Your Trip

Given that you aren’t going to a hot summer destination, a lot of travelers aren’t quite sure how to pack for their cruise.  If you plan on going any time from June to August, then you won’t need that heavy winter gear to enjoy yourself.  The key here is to pack with the idea of dressing in layers in mind, as the mornings can be a bit chilly bur daytime temperatures can be pretty high.  If you’re going any time during “shoulder season”, you may want to pack a heavier jacket, as well as a rain jacket or rain parka.

As you will be traveling to the fjords, you’ll likely be doing a bit of walking.  Make sure that you pack a good, sturdy pair of hiking shoes or cross trainers.

Lastly, depending on the cruise you’re taking, you may have theme nights or need different evening wear for dining.  Check with the specific cruise that you book with so that you’ll be properly armed with appropriate onboard clothing.

Budget Wisely

As our final tip, travelers who plan on visiting the fjords need to be mindful of their budget.  Things like onshore excursions and even basic goods can be quite expensive, so make whatever preparations beforehand to help reduce the costs, and plan your spending accordingly.

I first thought about going on a Norwegian cruise when I read this article on USA Today, and it inspired me to look into the logistics of going on such a trip. I still want to go, and this article has helped me collate and iron out other peoples’ advice and my over lessons I’ve learned over the years. If you also decide to go on a cruise, I wish you a lot of fun and smooth sailing.

Cruising Through The Norwegian Fjords
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