Get Ready For Grand National Opening Day

The Grand National is coming and I can not wait, the racing event of the year is one that I always look forward to! What sometimes does get confusing, especially for first timers, is all of the race lingo that is used by the experts in the build up. So I have decided to choose the ten phrases that baffled me the most!

If you check out this list of terms I know you will be more prepared for the start of the festival. Get ready for the Grand Opening Day – place your bets now!


Accumulator Bet

This is a bet that involves more than one horse with the horses running in different races. When a horse wins the money won will go on to the next race that you have selected, all of your horses need to win to get money any money back.


This is a betting term that you do not want to be given to your horse! A bismarck is a favourite that the bookmakers think will lose.


These are two horses that are at the top of the betting market, it can be more than two horses sometimes but a minimum of two.


This is a popular bet in the grand national because you stand more chance of getting money back. Half of your money goes on the chance of your horse coming in first place and the other half is put on the chance of your horse coming in the top 4 positions.


This is when a horse is being tipped to either win the race or be involved when they cross the finish line.


This is a type of bet where you predict the winner and the second placed horse in the race – if you guess correctly you are sure to be collecting a decent amount of money from the bookmaker!


You will see posts along the race course that are numbered and you will hear commentators using the term furlong. A furlong is 220 yards long which is an eight of a mile.


This is the term given to a horse that is either immature or has very little experience.

Hard ridden

This is when the jockey is riding the horse flat out and using the whip to encourage the horse to go faster – usually hard ridden refers to when a horse is tiring and the jockey needs to do everything he/she can to keep it competitive.


This is something that is also referred to as a stick. It is used by the jockey to speed up the horse, steer and also keep the horse horse balanced.

Get Ready For Grand National Opening Day