The 5 Best Things To See And Do In Calais

Calais has always been a popular travel destination for British tourists, particularly in the summer months when the weather is a bit more clement, and the coastal town offers plenty of distractions. Often, Calais was also visited due to prices being considerably cheaper, particularly for alcohol and tobacco products. Many UK residents simply fancied the odd excursion to Calais for a welcoming break, while others went to make a desired purchase to eventually take it all back home.

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Calais has a lot to offer, being a town with a number of points of interest, a cultural and historical lineage which dates all the way back to the 13th century. Of course, the town does not only amply cater for the more historically inclined but will also provide a number of natural attractions to savour while relaxing.

There are also a number of coffee shops and bars to visit, some which evoke the quaint nature of a long-lost provincial France, with finely home-made cheeses, velvety pastures hidden from prying eyes, and wines best saved for real connoisseurs.

It is undoubtedly only small in population, so don’t expect the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis like Paris or London. However, this is what makes it particularly appealing to those holiday makers who wish to relax, or those who want to get away from the noise and grind of a large city.

Here, we will provide some of the 5 best things you can do in Calais, so keep reading if you are curious or if you want to travel there.

Calais Lighthouse

You can drive to France taking the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle or car ferry, after which you might want to visit the lighthouse if you are particularly athletic. The views are truly spectacular if you manage to climb all 271 steps, and the building dates back to the 13th century which speaks volumes about the town’s rich historical lineage.

La Maison du Fromage

No holiday should go without lavish feasts, particularly if you are travelling to a country renowned for its wine and cheese. Here, it is possible to just sample a bit of finely matured cheese, something more robust for sturdier palates to be washed down by something even more robust for sturdier pegs. France’s selection of cheeses is almost never ending, and you will find a great part of them here.

The Burghhers of Calais

Rodin created this bronze statue and it is perhaps the first thing which a lot of tourists go visit when travelling to Calais. There is a rich history involving King Edward the 3rd, which you will undoubtedly find out once you are there. The statue is outside the town hall and is worth visiting if you are interested in the historical aspects of the town.

Parc Richelieu

Un-spoilt nature at its best, somewhere to have a picnic and relax while on your long or brief Calais holiday. It is not a big park but it is definitely worth a visit, particularly if you enjoy open spaces and some time to reflect upon matters.

World War 2 Museum

It is difficult to find a part of Europe which has come unscathed after the horrors of the second Great War unfolded, and Calais has certainly seen its share of action being a strategic coastal point. It is always fascinating to witness World War 2 history preserved, and the Calais museums amply offers this opportunity.

So there you have it, 5 places worth visiting while on your Calais holiday.


The 5 Best Things To See And Do In Calais