Why More Brits Should Holiday at Home

After a spike in recent years whereby Britons have decided to take their summer vacations within the British Isles, cheap flights to foreign climbs have encouraged many to once again head abroad for their summer breaks. My family and I have always loved a British holiday and most years we live noting more than looking out for deals for holiday parks in Cornwall or even campsites in Cornwall, our favorite place to spend our summer days. To help reverse this trend why not consider taking a domestic holiday for your 2019 summer break?


Tourism makes up a large part of the economy and whilst places like Edinburgh and London will never be short of foreign tourists, many other areas do suffer when there is a lack of tourism. Domestic tourism doesn’t only help the hotel owners and the restaurateurs in the UK but also a huge array of shop owners, activity centers and local services who rely on the summer months to turn a profit.


Many of us are completely blind to what we have right here on our doorstep and whilst we may come back from a foreign break waxing lyrical about what we have seen, it is always important not to overlook or take for granted just how beautiful our home country is. From the white cliffs of Dover, the natural splendor that is the Lake District and the rugged coastline of Northern Ireland, to the cultural cities of Liverpool and Manchester and the stunning beaches of Northumberland, we have so much to enjoy within these British Isles of ours and it would be criminal not to enjoy them.

Cost Effective

When you stay at home for your holiday you can count on spending apr less money than if you were to go abroad. Whilst the cost of living here may be higher than on the continent, you will be able to do away with air fares, insurances and pricy hotels which you would normally spend your money on abroad. Many of these destinations that you may consider can be easily reachable by car, which means that you can take the whole family for a single transport cost.


There is a great benefit which British holiday makers can enjoy when taking domestic break which is the fact that everything is so familiar. This helps out in a number of situations such as heading to a supermarket for supplies, getting a taxi, paying for public transport and even down to speaking with staff in restaurants. This is something which you don’t quite realize how beneficial it is until you have experienced it and the lack of a language barrier alone can simply make your holiday that little bit easier.

If you are planning your 2019 holiday at the moment then I would certainly recommend including the UK into your plans.

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Why More Brits Should Holiday at Home