4 Tips For Not Missing Your Flight


One of my proudest achievements as a traveler is that I have never missed a flight and I think on a number of occasions I have been very lucky not to miss one, because I was definitely cutting it fine. After some time I learnt that there are some small adjustments that everyone can make in order to never miss a flight again, so read on to find out some of my strategies. But if you do ever miss a flight, click here to see if you can claim compensation.

Get an airport hotel

This is especially useful for those early morning flights where transport is limited. I like to use
to help me book a nice airport hotel and then I don’t have to every worry about missing my flight because I can stay in one of the many
Manchester airport hotels
. This is probably the best tip to never miss your flight again and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Leave early

This might sound like a typical thing to do, but I know so many people that don’t leave on time and almost miss their flights as a result of this. I like to set a few different alarms, one for the goal wake up time and perhaps one thirty to forty five minutes before this. This really helps me to wake up better and ensures that I leave at the right time.

Plan your transport

You really do not want to wait til the day of your flight to plan your transport. Make sure that you have a goal time to leave and then have enough time if you are running slightly late to take another form of transport. For example, I like to set a goal for the optimal amount of time plus thirty minutes and then I will set a goal for the latest time that I can leave. This is ideal when I am running a little behind schedule.

Do the small things the night before

One thing that I like doing is to make sure everything is setup for when I wake up. For example, I put the clothes I am going to wear next to my bed and put socks in my shoes. I also do things like set up a bowl for cereal and put my towel in the bathroom before I have a shower. These might not seem like much, but fumbling around to find things in the morning can seriously take up a lot of time.

Hopefully these tips will help you to never miss a flight again and you can enjoy your travels more than ever before. Don’t forget to take lots of great photos!

4 Tips For Not Missing Your Flight