Things To Know Before You Start Your Own Travel Blog

how to start a travel blog

Starting your own travel blog is a great experience for anyone that takes the simple step of getting one online and writing. First you should learn how to start a travel blog, but here are some things that you should definitely think about before you make the leap.

It is easier to start a blog than you think

I think starting a blog is not something that takes a lot of time or money to start up and is accessible to people all around the world. There are a number of website providers that can help you easily and quickly set up a WordPress website and I would recommend this as my blogging platform of choice. After that you just need to write and post your blog posts, pictures and videos.

Blogging takes time

One of the most important things to think about is the fact that blogging takes time, especially the best ones. It is therefore important to realise how much you may have to invest in your blog, especially if you want it to work for you. It takes a bit of dedication to keep the blog going and to come up with fresh content. I like blogging or at least writing content on certain days of the week and this gives me a deadline to get something up at certain points during the week.

Blogging makes you think

I love the fact that as I am living an experience I think about things that I can actually put in my blog, which is actually very interesting. It also helps you to reflect on certain experiences that you have had and acts like a permanent journal that you can refer back to at any point.

Blogging requires a thick skin

Not every topic you blog about or post that you right is going to be perfect and work out as you hope. Common fears are that the audience won’t like the content or that you will be criticised, but the important thing is to experiment and find out for yourself what people do and don’t like. You can certainly use this as feedback to help you to streamline and improve your content and you should treat this as a constant learning experience that will only reward you in the long run.

It can be extremely rewarding

Blogging is great because there are so many rewards to be had for doing it. There are just so many examples of this and here are some that I have received in the past:

  • Great feedback about how posts have helped readers
  • Friendships and even relationships!
  • Money through sponsored posts
  • Free gear from reviews
  • Free travel
Things To Know Before You Start Your Own Travel Blog
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