Tenerife Not Just Sun, Sea, and Sand

With spring (let alone summer) still not quite arriving, many of us are thinking about our holidays. The Canaries and Tenerife in particular are ever popular; warm all year round, great nightlife and accommodation options to suit all pockets. But is there more to this island than the package holiday brochures lead us to believe? Take a look at these top pick of trips that are a little bit more unusual.

Siam Park
With its design inspiration taken from Thailand this is truly one of the most spectacular, world class water parks, there really is nothing better than to spend the day at Siam Park. The main attraction of the park is undoubtedly the Tower of Power, where on your back with your hands crossed in front of you, you drop vertically, 28 metres, very fast! This, along with many of the other slides, such as Volcano and the Dragon really does make this a park for the adrenalin junkie.

If you like things a little calmer however there is still plenty for you too. Siam Park is home to an impressive lazy river which gently picks it way around the park. If sun bathing is your thing then lay on one of the many sun beds throughout the park. Once you have relaxed perhaps spend some time on Siam Beach, where the Wave Palace creates three metre high manmade waves.

At Siam Park it really is a case of bigger being better.



Submarine Safari – Experience what’s beneath the sea

Tenerife has plenty of opportunities to take boat trips and see the rays, whales and dolphins but there really is a whole new world underneath the waves. Experience the beauty of the sea not from the side of a boat but a submarine. Be transported under the sea by a state-of-the-art submarine, which will dive deep into the sea offering you the opportunity to experience a huge array of fish: sea bream, sardines, sting rays to name a few. All with expert, knowledgeable commentary from your guide to make sure you get the most from your trip, it really is worth a visit.


The National Park – Teide
Visible from most parts of the island the Teide towers above Tenerife and is Spain’s highest peak. It is free to enter the park and also walk to the volcano’s bottom taking in the spectacular scenery – reminiscent of a lunar landscape. If you have a head for heights there is a cable car which will take you further up, but you cannot access the summit without a permit. However with the base already at a height of 2,300 metres you can just as easily stay at the bottom and enjoy the delights of the park from there.



Local Festivals
Obviously you will need to be in Tenerife at the right time to experience the colour and energy of one of the many festivals, but if you can they really do deliver on all levels, giving you a unique insight into Spanish culture. Visit before Easter for the Arona Carnival or during the summer for the festival of Santa Cruz.


The beach – from a different perspective
Tenerife is famous for its black sand beaches, which for some are not the holiday ideal. Think again though as these beaches are entirely unique and an integral part of this holiday island. Take a look at the flat, long expanse of El Medano, popular with surfers and sunbathers alike or Los Gigantes with its mammoth rocks. If that does not convince you then Las Vistas, a new manmade beach, with obligatory golden sand, in Los Cristianos should do the trick.

Tenerife Not Just Sun, Sea, and Sand
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