5 Things To Avoid Doing While In Thailand

Thailand is a very popular country to visit for a number or reasons. The country and people are very laid back. They don’t get stressed out or uptight about things. Small things don’t bother them in the same way it may bother us. Our cultures differ in many ways.

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When you visit this majestic country, you want to pay attention to the following 5 pointers on what NOT to do while you are there.

  • Do not get involved in illegal drugs – under any circumstances. This is definitely the number 1 thing that you should not do. The Thai police have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to finding tourists taking or even worse, selling drugs. You’ll find yourself with having a big fine to pay or in most situations, a heavy jail sentence to bring you back to your senses.


  • Don’t feed the street elephants. The reason is because you are really giving the elephant owners money. They don’t treat these lovely creatures with any dignity and use them on the streets as a method of begging. Don’t get caught up in this tourist trap. It’s not helping the elephants at all. If you really want to help an elephant then visit an elephant reserve park, where they are taken care of properly.


  • Don’t use your feet to point at people. Why? Well, showing the soles of your feet to a Thai person is probably the most offensive thing you can do to them. The reason is due to the fact the Thai people consider the feet to be the dirtiest part of the body, and therefore if you point at them with your feet, it’s a sign of disrespect.


  • Don’t let the tuk tuktaxi drivers take you to gem shops. The reason is because you will be put under a lot of pressure by the shop owners to buy “gems” off them at “special rates”. These gems are fake for the most part. 


  • Don’t get angry. This is always make the situation worse. Thai people are very proud, and they don’t like to feel ashamed in front of their own, so always try to remain calm if any situation arises that makes you feel mad. It more than likely can always to resolved without raising your voice. 

If you follow these few simple guidelines, then you will prevent yourself from getting into any bother, and also you will not annoy or offend any of the locals.





5 Things To Avoid Doing While In Thailand