5 Things to Do in Lisbon, Portugal

Have you ever experienced the colorful, sundrenched vibe of Portugal? The bright days, baroque architecture, lazy afternoon siestas and dinners that go late into the night are all aspects of this incredible country’s culture. Lisbon in particular is the place to go to be right in the heart of Portuguese culture. And the best part is, there are so many free or nearly-free things to do, so you can keep your heart light and your wallet heavy!


Check Out the Urban Art Galleries

Love art but not a fan of dropping tons of Euros on museum entry fees? Lisbon is the place for you. It’s an absolute mecca for incredible (and free!) street art. Supersize paintings cover some of the buildings in the Saldanha neighborhood, and explore around the rest of the city as well to find art in unexpected places.

Explore the Alfama Neighborhood

One of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods is one of the best places in the city for an unusual walk through steep and narrow alleys up to incredible views of the city below. Make your way through the pedestrian maze as the locals spill out of their homes to share meals and laughter.

Browse Thieves Market

For a shopping experience out of the tourist area and in with the local crowd, head to the Feira da Ladra market, otherwise known as the Thieves Market. Every Tuesday and Saturday it goes on near the Campo da sta. Clara tram stop. You can find all sorts of vintage bargain items, something unusual and artsy to bring home from your trip.

Try a Glass of Ginjinha

When it comes to drinks, while Portugal is best known for its port liqueur, there are plenty of other fine drinks the locals choose to sip. The country produces some amazing wines as well, but Ginjinha is definitely a local favorite you must try while you’re in Lisbon. You can order a glass or two of the vibrant cherry liqueur in any number of bars and pubs around the city… you’re walking home to your villas in Portugal anyway, right?!

Bike Along the Coast

If you hit Lisbon in the summertime, you’re going to experience some serious heat. If you have a few days to enjoy the city and surrounding areas, follow the local trend and hop on a train heading to the coast. In the local coastal town of Cascais, you can find free bike hire so take advantage and see the gorgeous coastline by two wheels!

5 Things to Do in Lisbon, Portugal