Best Walking Tours of Spain

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If visitors to Spain only spend time on the beaches, they will be missing out on some of the other wonderful things this country has to offer. One of the nicest ways to explore this part of the world is to go on a walking tour. This activity allows visitors to really soak up the natural beauty of Spain, and it means getting to enjoy parts of the country that most tourists will miss out on. The other attraction of these walking tours is that they improve physical fitness, and they can be a nice way to meet new friends. Here are some of the best walking tours in Spain:

The Catalan Coast

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Catalonia of Spain is to walk the Catalan Coast. There is something here to please all levels of hiker, and it is possible to choose from self-directed or organised walking tours. The climate along the Catalan Coast is usually favourable for walking, and there are plenty of accommodation options. Those people who are looking for direct travel options will usually find that there some great flight deals from regional airports in the UK to the Catalonia area.

Camino de Santiago

The most challenging of all the walking trails in Spain is the Camino de Santiago (aka the Way of Saint James). This route was originally walked only by Christian pilgrims, but in recent years people are deciding to do this trail for a variety of other reasons. The 2010 movie ‘The Way’, staring Martin Sheen, has helped a great deal to increase the popularity of the Camino de Santiago. There are a number of ways to walk this route but the most common is to go from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French border to Santiago de Compostela – this route is known as the ‘French Way’. This hike is 780 km, and it takes about 35 days to complete.

Via de la Plata

The Via de la Plata (Silver way) is another route that was made popular by pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Most people hiking this long trek will begin in Seville in the south of Spain. It is longer than the French Way (1000 km) and it takes about 50 days to walk.

Minorca (aka Menorca) is a bit of a walker’s paradise. The whole island is covered in paths that weave through a variety of interesting terrain including; olive groves, rugged coast, sandy beaches, and lush green forest. The most popular walking trail on the island is known as the Cami de Cavalls, and it stretches for 186 km and encircles the whole island. The tourist scene in Minorca is a far cry from the hedonism of nearby Mallorca, so this really can be an excellent place for tranquil walks in the Spanish countryside.


Best Walking Tours of Spain
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