Experiencing the Natural Beauty of Lapland

The rugged, picturesque region made up of the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland is described by visitors as magical, and for good reason. It has the cleanest air in Europe, countless possible outdoor winter adventures and is the real hometown of Santa Claus with his magical Christmas village. For visitors hoping to catch some beautiful scenery and landscapes on their trip, you’re in luck: Lapland has some of the very best.


What can you see?

Lapland is in the wild north, full of rugged natural terrain and mystery. The region is filled with untouched forests blanketed by snow in the wintertime, sparsely populated so you’ll feel you have all of nature to yourself. There aren’t any soaring mountains in Finnish Lapland, but the flat stretches of forest make for good hiking and trekking all the same. You will find many gentle, rounded fells or treeless mountains ideal for sledding and snow sports.

The Lapland landscapes are full of opportunities for outdoor adventures. There are several national parks with good hiking trails and cozy log cabins for visitors to stay. No matter where you stay, count on amazing views and the restful peace of nature.

How best to see Lapland?


Trekking is a great way to experience the vast beauty of Lapland as you can really take in the peace of nature. If you’d like to cover more ground quickly, opt for a reindeer sleigh ride. It’s a perfect way to get in the winter or Christmas spirit and see the land with an experienced guide. Another traditional way to get around is by husky sled. You can learn about these amazing dogs and even drive the sled yourself.

If water if more your thing, try exploring the gorgeous Lapland landscapes by canoe, raft or kayak. There are tons of lakes and rivers criss-crossing the region and you can opt for a guided trip or even just renting a boat on your own. Whether you’d prefer a calm journey or the adrenaline rush of whitewater rafting, there’s something to be had for everyone in Lapland.

If you really want to immerse in the snowy landscape, try Nordic walking, or cross-country skiing. It’s a fantastic way to get exercise and spend a day in the snowy forests soaking up the beauty of the region.


Experiencing the Natural Beauty of Lapland