5 Places to Visit in the South of France

When you think of the south of France, you probably imagine sunny skies, sandy beaches, smiling people and open sidewalk cafes galore. This region is an absolute delight to visit at any time of year, and is filled with great cities and small towns to explore. Whether you want an authentic French experience or just a place to relax by the beach, here are 5 great spots not to miss in the south of France:


Explore French Cuisine in Nice Nice has got that great combination of vibrant cultural city and laid-back beach vibe, making it a great holiday destination. And the food is to-die-for! Settle into a homey restaurant for a full dining experience with wine and dessert, try the seafood at a beachside café, and sample olive oil and fruits at the Fresh Market by the Chateau de Nice.

Go Surfing in Biarritz The resort town of Biarritz is popular with vacationers from all over the world. Its luxurious atmosphere and impeccable sandy beaches make it a popular place to relax- but among the surfing crowd, it’s #1 in Europe. Come to Biarritz to surf, as it’s got some of the best waves in the entire continent.


Cultural Immersion in Arles This gorgeous city has some major Roman influence, with beautiful 17th century architecture, amphitheaters and mansions. It was also the base for Van Gogh during part of his career, where he painted some of his most famous pieces.


Get Glitzy in St. Tropez Want to do some celebrity sighting during your trip to the south of France? St. Tropez is the place to be. This coastal town is all glitz and glamour (along with its sunny white beaches) and is vacation home to many of the rich and famous. Don’t miss the impressive array of ridiculously huge yachts on display!

Party in Beziers Head to Beziers in August for 3 days of the most incredible festival you’ll find in France. Everyone comes outside for street parades, fireworks, bullfights and dancing, enjoyed with plenty of local cuisine and delicious wine. The town is also famous for its massive flower market open on the weekends.

5 Places to Visit in the South of France