Exploring Krabi

Few places in the world offer what Krabi offers in Thailand. This coastal town just off the mainland coast brings a fantastic landscape that is only just recently gaining popularity and international acclaim.


There are two things that adventure-seekers are driven to find in a travel destination.

First, the draw of a fresh outlook on life from a different culture.  Shatter normalcy with decadent cuisine, vibrant music, and unfamiliar architecture in a foreign land. Every dream destination has that element of the exotic that we all search for when crossing unfamiliar streets in search of some new discovery.  Krabi offers that exotic feeling as a coastal paradise in the tropics.  With tourism as a main industry, finding a comfortable environment to bask in the warm sun is a breeze. The nightlife is even more remarkable; extraordinary décor spills out onto the public walkways, and with creative use of lighting and tapestries, the night is illuminated in such a way that a festival is expected any second.  Finding the party in this burgeoning city is as simple as following the entrancing music to any block party filled with delectable food and drink.

The second goal of the adventurer is to explore a natural paradise, not overrun by civilization. Krabi has some of the most jaw-dropping landscape found anywhere on the planet.  The tropical beach life offered by larger Thai cities decades ago is alive and flourishing, having as of yet avoided being overrun by an expanding population. Coral fringed beaches and magnificent limestone cliffs dominate the coast as far as the distant horizon.  More than 80 smaller islands dot the surrounding ocean, creating a truly remarkable seascape waiting to be explored by scuba-divers, snorkelers, and even yachtsmen.  Not to be outdone by the seafront, the inland attractions offer ample opportunity for trekking the vast greenery of the Krabi province. The two mainland national parks just outside the city house natural wonders of cascading waterfalls, massive caverns and brilliant wildlife.

As it is, Krabi is that amazing balance of humanity and nature, coming together in such a way that any world traveler could never find a better destination. With all the hustle and rapid expansion of the city the state offerings, planning a vacation to an exotic local may seem daunting. However, exploring Krabi, Thailand with Trailfinders is a great, easy way to conquer the complexity of international travel and enjoy this tropical nirvana.

Exploring Krabi
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