From Caves to Beaches – 8 Things To Do In South Africa

South Africa offers a wealth of activities for the adventure minded or for those who prefer a little down time. But with such a wide scope of activities available in SA it’s good to plan ahead, so do a little homework to find your perfect South African trip and the journey of a lifetime.

Cango Caves
Cango Caves

Surfing the Coastline

Surfing isn’t just reserved for Hawaii and Australia, the South African Cape Peninsula is a surfer’s best option when it comes to radical breaks, so pack up the sex wax and loose the winter wetsuit because out here to waves are smoking hot (


Ride an Ostrich

You might have been lucky enough to sample the protein-rich healthy flesh of an ostrich burger, but have you ever attempted to ride one? Thought not! If you’re looking for an activity that will really get tongues waggling at home then journey no further than Oudtshoorn in the Karoo. There are a lot of ostrich farms in Oudtshoorn where novices and professional jockeys alike gather to attempt to stay on feathery saddle for a series of races through the desert.


See the Cango Caves

Whilst in Oudtshoorn you shouldn’t miss out on the Cango caves located nearby. These underground unique rock formations are an astounding sight for all to see.


Meet Heat Loving Penguins

The penguins of Boulders Bay are as strange and wonderful as their surroundings. The main part of this colony has been separated by a fence from the public beach, but luckily for visitors penguins aren’t too bothered about rules and fences so a swim with these playful creatures is highly likely.


Make Time for Cape Town

It may be harbour one of the most darkened histories in the world, but Cape Town’s future is looking decidedly brighter. As well as booming nightlife and excellent restaurants on offer is the incredible Table Mountain. If you’re feeling adventurous abseil down the mountain for spectacular views of the city.

Head Out on Safari

If your African adventure requires sightings of lions, cape buffalo, black rhinos and elephants then look no further than Kruger national park. This huge expanse of land the size of Israel offers off the beaten track or tour operated treks and 4X4 rides into the bush and is a once in a lifetime experience.


Time Out at a Spa

Whilst making friends with the lions you might want to take a break at one of the many safari-spa boutique hotels hidden in the bush. With varied options most notably at specialists set in and around the bush you might never want to leave!

Stay in a Tree-house

This isn’t a technique for avoiding the local wildlife, South Africa has many choices of tree-house boutique hotels. From the tented to the luxury there’s an eco-friendly accommodation options for all –


So there you have it, the definitive guide to all things relaxing or challenging in South Africa, complete with some odd ball activities you’d probably never have heard of let alone thought of yourself. Let’s get to South Africa now!





From Caves to Beaches – 8 Things To Do In South Africa
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