Six Cocktails You cannot Afford to Miss In Your Stag Party

Arranging a Stag Weekend is a big responsibility. It is all down to you to make your mate’s last day as a free man the absolute best it can be. With that in mind, it is important to ensure you have the best drinks ready to fuel the night. Don’t leave anything to chance.

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The world of cocktails in a never-ending one, so try not to get lost. We will keep this to a Top Six as most Stag weekends start to get a little hazy towards the end. So, let us get started.

Number 6   A Hole In One
Golf may not be your game, but this cocktail hits the perfect stroke every time. The manliest iced tea you will ever encounter. Johnny Walker whiskey, a splash of honey and unsweetened tea, served ice-cold, on the rocks in a wide glass.

Number 5   The Electric Screwdriver 
This is the classic vodka and orange screwdriver, but with a double shot of booze and added energy. You mix vodka, tequila, orange juice and an energy drink, along with a slice of lemon or lime. Sweet, strong and packed with energy.

Number 4   A Moscow Mule
Russians are pretty tough guys and this throat-tingling cocktail reflects that. Russian vodka, strong ginger ale, lime juice and mint, just to take the edge off. This one will warm you up and put fire in your belly.

Number 3   A Whiskey Shredder
After all those Moscow Mules, you might need something to cool you down. This is a simple mix of whiskey (the older, the better) and pineapple juice served with loads of ice. A super smooth drink to cool you off.

Number 2   A White Russian
Live life like The Dude from the cult classic movie “The Big Lebowski” and get into the zone with a few White Russians. Vodka, coffee liqueur, cream or full-fat milk and ice. Pour into a tall glass and be generous with the measures. You can read more about the 15th anniversary of “The Big Lebowski” in this Huffington Post article –

Number 1   The Harpoon 
This tough sounding cocktail is a classic, straight from the set of “Mad Men”. Mix vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice and a dash of cranberry juice for a perfect combination of sweet and citrus flavours. Served in a stylish Martini glass.

All of these are pretty simple cocktails you can make yourself. Of course the entire weekend can’t be spent drinking. Have a look around for companies that arrange specialist stag do activities and see what is going on near you. Someone like Red Seven Leisure do a good job finding activities all over the UK. Check them out at and see what crazy plan you can come up with.

Once you have mastered our top six stag do cocktails, have a look at AMC’s “Mad Men” cocktails list here for more classic options like our number one The Harpoon

Six Cocktails You cannot Afford to Miss In Your Stag Party
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