How to get teaching jobs in Hong Kong

There are many different routes to obtaining teaching jobs in Hong Kong 教學工作 香港, particularly for the private tutor. It is important to build an online profile, a platform from which you can work and be easily contacted by potential clients. Your online profile should contain basic information such as your credentials, contact information and basic rates. Encourage past pupils to rate your performance online.
For the new Hong Kong resident, or simply for someone unfamiliar with the city, it is a worthwhile investment to begin online tutoring whilst becoming acquainted with new surroundings. Teaching jobs in Hong Kong  教學工作 香港 not always done one on one or face to face, and in certain subjects, the pupil may be able to benefit just as well from a lesson online. It is important that “face time” with the pupil is maintained. Skype is the perfect means of one on one contact in distance learning. It is often a brilliant alternative when facing time restrictions, rush hour traffic, or if you are simply unable to meet in person.
Current pupils or teachers that you know are great sources for finding work. They may know someone who is struggling and can make referrals for you. Promote yourself on bulletin boards in schools, colleges, as well as libraries and the cafes where you know students congregate.

Building a Client Base

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways of obtaining or losing out on jobs. Develop a professional relationship with your pupils and their parents, and they make referrals based on their own personal experience.
Reviews online and self-promotion on websites also increases your chances of being hired. Clients may request an interview before agreeing on a deal, so be prepared for that first meeting.

Benefit from your students success

More often than out you will be required to help struggling students achieve their goals. Sometimes, brilliant students just want a little extra help or to push grades up another point. Be prepared to deal with students who are not very academically strong or who don’t have a strong interest in their education. In order to become a successful tutor, you must have successful students and help them overcome  limitations. Identify the reason why the pupil lacks motivation or interest in the subject. It is often apparent when they simply do not care, with poor performance that continually slips, but there is usually a deeper reason spurring this behaviour than just finding the subject “boring”.

Understanding your pupil can create a motivation to succeed that didn’t exist before, and you can easily reconcile a pupil to a subject that they appear to “hate”. It is not uncommon for a pupil’s performance to be stunted by a fear of failure, lack of confidence in their capability, or being unable to understand and comprehend at the same rate of their peers. A negative comment from an influential parent, teacher or peer can result in a child resigning to defeat before they try. Rectifying an issue like this early on can promote a healthy attitude towards exams and coursework, rather than letting a daunting fear overwhelm them. You will find your newly confident student suddenly motivated and inspired to succeed.

By ensuring that your student achieves their goals you cement your own career as a private tutor in Hong Kong 私人補習老師 香港

How to get teaching jobs in Hong Kong