What Kind Of Family Activities Exists In Phuket?

While in Phuket on vacation, are there any activities that children can engage in? Actually, there are a plethora of activities that families can indulge in and numerous places to tour that you might be compelled to consider moving to Thailand! Some of these places are as follows:

What Kind Of Family Activities Exists In Phuket?
What Kind Of Family Activities Exists In Phuket?

Catch A Glimpse Of South East Asia’s Marine Life

Families ought to stop by the ever popular Phuket Aquarium as it appeals to both the young and the old. There are numerous exhibits and programs to provide visitors with information and knowledge about the multiplicity of South East Asia’s marine plants, wildlife and fresh water. Display themes cover areas where marine life inhabits such as mangrove habitats, sandy beaches, rocky shores and coral reefs.

Tour Phuket’s Only Virgin Rainforest

The Khao Phra Thaeo Park is home to the city’s sole virgin rainforest. The park hosts bear, langurs, mouse deer, gibbons, wild boar, barking deer, monkeys and more than a hundred bird species. Tour guides are available for hire in course of a tour.

Swim at the Foot of Bang Pae

A pretty shaded waterfall by the name of Bang Pae can be found in the park. The best time to view the waterfall is during the rainy season. With a pool at its bottom, it might be a good idea to let the kids cool off by swimming.

Have Lunch along Ton Sai

Close to the park’s headquarter is another waterfall by the name of Ton Sai.  Additionally, it is a lovely place to have lunch thanks to the waterfall’s endearing environment coupled with the restaurant alongside.

How to Get There

Drive towards the airport, from Phuket City drive towards the airport by taking the north road and upon reaching Thalang turn right.  After 7 kilometers, you’ll be at Khao Phra Thaeo Park gates.

Sirinat Marine National Park contains an interesting combination of shallow coral reef and mangrove swamp. The areas of Nai Yang, Mai Kao and Naithon can also be found in the national park which lies to the northwest side of the island. From Phuket City, take the north road and take a left turn left onto highway 4031 to get there.

If you want to see Kathu-another beautiful waterfall, head to Phuket City along the Patong road and take a right turn once you are opposite the Loch Palm Golf Club.

Play Golf in a Jurassic Theme Park

Dinopark Mini-golf offers a rare chance of playing Mini-golf in prehistoric times. Apart from having a Jurassic theme park, the presence of an active volcano with dinosaurs is bound to make this a memorable family experience. It is located on the Karon Road in Kata.

Are you and your family in search of a quieter day out? Then, Phuket Bird Park might be the place for you.  There are 100 bird species originating from three continents and they are all housed in an environment that most looks like their natural locale. It’s shaded by giant trees and set in lush tropical gardens. Over there, it’s possible to have your photograph taken. Hornbills, eagles, owls and macaws are some of the featured birds of the park. By travelling past Wat Chalong and heading north you’ll find the park on Chao Fa West Road. The park is normally open from 9am till 5:30pm.

What Kind Of Family Activities Exists In Phuket?