Getting to San Francisco from the UK

Make sure you pack your bags well in advance, and check the public transport for delays as this can seriously derail your plans! It’s a good idea to check that your flight isn’t delayed or cancelled and ensure that you have all your airport documents in order. Check the UK hand luggage guidelines so that you don’t lose anything at the terminal! If you’re driving to the airport, begin your holiday to San Francisco without any doubts your car is safe back in the UK. For example, book your parking online in advance with BCP discount codes because it’s simple and cheap. Follow these guidelines and this will mean you can get to San Francisco to experience the city without any hassle!

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San Francisco, USA Travel Guide: Quintessential Experiences You Must Not Miss

Visit San Francisco is called America’s Favourite City and it certainly is a rollicking holiday destination. With awesome Bay views, splendid haute couture, beautiful museums and flamboyant after-hours entertainment, the city never ceases to inspire.

Although there are myriad of sightseeing avenues to keep you busy even on you fiftieth visit to San Francisco, here are the top five quintessential experiences you shouldn’t leave the city without indulging in.

Golden Gate Bridge and Park

The Golden Gate Bridge, part of the International Orange Entryway to the city, is a dazzling attraction with a bird’s eye view of San Francisco. While you enjoy the cool blast of salty air, you’ll make out the steel wobbling under your feet as it exerts itself to accommodate the rush hour traffic. Stroll on until you reach the vantage point, 200 feet above sea level and get a few snaps with the awesome background. Oh, and you don’t forget the Golden Gate Park in the vicinity, referred fondly to as the “city’s backyard”, for an idyllic stroll after the Golden Gate Bridge experience.

A Powell-Hyde Cable Car Ride

You must have seen the cable car in the movies and the magazines, if not in person. Didn’t it feel magical? The Powell-Hyde cable car ride is something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. You get panoramic views of the Fisherman’s Wharf, the Nob Hill, the Alcatraz and the sparkling Bay, which more than makes up for the $6 compensation you pay for the ride.


Even the most whimsical traveller would find their hearts captured by this bobbing rock in the middle of the Bay. Alcatraz, a quintessential San Francisco landmark, is a beautiful place with serenading views of the city, the bay and the blue yonder. The authorities put up a wonderful acoustic display every evening with a few inmates and watch guards narrating their stories of the rock. Cell-mates like Al Capone have their names inscribed on the walls. Some places just have to be seen to be enjoyed.

Wine Country

Wine connoisseurs rejoice! The Wine Country at San Francisco offers you much more than vineyard tours, breweries and wine tasting sessions. As you head inwards, you are immediately taken in by the fabulous art and culture scene, world-class restaurants, marvellous scenery and the countryside, hot air balloon rides and a number of private exhibits.

California Academy of Sciences

We’re not asking you to tour about the entire campus. But, what you should do is head straight to the Science Museum and prepare yourself for an ecological treat. The 4-storeyed building, with crocodiles, exotic plants, penguins, natural history exhibits, and much more, is amazing. You certainly will take home a few green living ideas from the California Academy of Sciences.

As you pile your luggage and head to the San Francisco International Airport ready to leave for the UK, what really lifts you up when you have a car ready for you in the LINK lot, is that you don’t have to use public transport to get home.

Getting home from San Francisco

I always find it’s a good idea to buy food and bring it onto the plane with you before you travel, as it’s always nice to have something to tuck into during your flight! I know that shopping in San Francisco can be addictive but make sure you haven’t got too much weight in your bag when flying home! If you’ve followed the advice earlier in the article then you should have your parking sorted, which will drastically reduce any stress of travelling. The last time I travelled to San Francisco, I had booked my Newcastle airport parking with the meet and greet service, which was actually very pleasant. Once home, you can savour the experiences you’ve had, i’m sure you’ll enjoy the inspirational city as much as I did!

Getting to San Francisco from the UK