Top Tips for Travel in New Zealand

For anyone who loves nature, New Zealand is the perfect escape for an incredible and affordable holiday. There are so many opportunities to immerse in the natural land of the country, camp out and really escape from busy city life. Or, if city culture is more your thing, you can check out the vibrant cities of Auckland and Wellington. No matter what your travel style, you’ll find the makings of an amazing holiday in New Zealand. To help everything go as smoothly as possible, read up on these travel tips:


Save Money on Accommodation

Hostels are a good place to stay in New Zealand, as you can find rooms for around $20 per night. Hotels and holiday houses will run you more money, but provide that extra luxurious experience if that’s what you’re after. Camping is a perfect way to save money and experience nature in its most rugged form! And if you’re really into saving money and making great connections along your travels, consider a volunteer work-share program such as WWOOF or Workaway in New Zealand to save some extra cash. You’ll stay with a host and receive free food and accommodation in exchange for a predetermined amount of work per week. It’s a wonderful way to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and make new friends. Often, other volunteers will live in the same place so its a good option for solo travelers to make some connections! Finally, even just ask your hostel if you can exchange a few hours of cleaning or reception work for the price of a room- you never know until you try, and you could end up scoring a free bed!



Restaurants in New Zealand can get expensive if you eat out often, so it’s best to either cook or find cheap meals from street stalls. If you stay in a hostel or hotel, grab some food at the local market to make some staples like pasta in the kitchen. It might not be a first-class meal, but you’re traveling to see the sights and experience New Zealand, so save the cash for your experiences. For those times when you do want to go out, don’t miss the local specialties of New Zealand like roasted lamb, mussels and fish n’ chips! Saving money on food is all a balance; you can afford to go out now and then if you don’t do it every night. In the cities, stay away from the tourist areas and look for cafes where the locals hang out, as they’re bound to be cheaper.


In New Zealand, the journey is just as important, if not more so, than the destination. It’s an experience in itself driving throughout this gorgeous country so you definitely don’t want to miss out on hitting the open road and experiencing the scenery firsthand. Whether you take the wheel yourself or choose to go by bus, the landscapes are mindblowing. Try New Zealand caravan rentals to have built in accommodation wherever you travel. No hostels out near the waterfalls you’ve been exploring? No problem! Ever since our family headed to New Mexico in an RV we don’t choose any other way to travel, the experiences in RV parks in Alberquerque made us experience NZ in the same way. Your caravan is all set up to accommodate you for the night. Or check out Auckland Car Hire if you’re not into the full commitment of a caravan, and would rather rent a car. They’ve got you covered for any kind of car you might need for your travels.


Top Tips for Travel in New Zealand