How to Make the Most of Your European Holiday




Take advantage of the sightseeing tour buses as you will not only get to see the most popular places conveniently but also get to hear travel commentaries that will enlighten your travel knowledge, and also hear some fun random facts around every sight. With a sightseeing bus you definitely will not have to worry about getting lost compared if you were driving yourself around and you worry less of blistered feet than if you were walking from one sight to the next. It is easy to hop off on and off the buses as you wish as long as you have the right tickets for this kind of buses. You will cover larger areas of interest to you within a short time and still have time to hang out without being too exhausted.


It’s even more fun as you watch activities go by from a double decker bus and you also get a chance to mingle with other travel fanatics to your advantage. You can use this service to take you anywhere; from your hostel to the museums and libraries to glossary shopping so you make the most of your holiday.


Eurail passes come in different variations; from single country passes all the way up to Global Pass which is valid in twenty seven countries. So once you have chosen your destinations its best to calculate your route and get the right pass suitable for your trip. It can be confusing at first but the general rule is to use the pass between major cities and not for shorter trips on regional trains. Depending on the length of your holiday the longer the duration of the pass the cheaper it gets so maximize on that.


If you are travelling as a group then you can make use of the Single Saver pass which is fifteen percent discounted from first class, so you can ride in luxury for the entire European trip. For longer journeys always use the night train, it’s always cost effective.


Airfares seem to rise unreasonably and without warning to travelers; the only way to get the best flight deals is to shop around and compare prices from different airlines. There are times to consider while buying your tickets, like the days of the week; for example airfares are high during the weekends and cheaper during midweek, so take advantage and get cheaper flights.


Check out the low cost airlines such as Go Air as they offer prices which are not allowed to be quoted on the websites; it is not always that they are cheap but it is always great to have a look just in case. Remember to check airline luggage fees as you may be shocked at the soaring luggage fees if you do not pack light.

Avoid days when airlines are likely to raise airfares, when seats are in short supply like in summer or other holidays, airlines may introduce the peak travel surcharges which means the prices will be unreasonably high, so it’s in your interest to avoid such days.


How to Make the Most of Your European Holiday
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