Luxury vs. Budget – Traveling the Best of Europe

Traveling in itself is a huge task, in the past when it was highly risky to travel, luxury was created to calm the nerves of the passengers in the ocean liners so that they could feel as comfortable and as at home as possible so that they could focus on this, rather than the looming dangers that could strike at any time. In the present day travel has become much easier and more accessible, bringing with it the opportunity to travel on a budget, or in luxury style if you’re lucky enough.

Below are 3 destinations where it’s possible to visit on a budget and in luxury; some may surprise you…

Montenegro 14


Montenegro has earned its place as the next glitzy destination in the Mediterranean, the wealthy and rich are flocking this Balkan country to savour its beauty; from its extensive shore line dotted with tiny fishing villages, flashy resort towns , UNESCO recognized fjords and majestic remains of venetian fortresses.

Budva is quite affordable depending on your budget; it has high end restaurants and also budget friendly ones. Accommodation here is also budget-friendly unlike the neighboring Sveti Stefan which was once a fishing village now turned into a luxurious island resort.

The bay of Kotor which is the main highlight of Montenegro features the towering black Mountains from which Montenegro earns its name and its UNESCO recognized town is quite pricey especially those hotels next to the Kotor walls a better option if you are on budget is head to the laid back town of Porcini where you meet rich culture and pay less for accommodation.

Montenegro is undoubtedly an up and coming destination and many people who visit decide to buy property here as it is such good value and has such potential. Whether you visit as a business trip or for a holiday, it’s difficult not to be impressed.


When you mention Paris, it just sounds expensive and for many just an unaffordable destination, after all it is the world’s center for luxury, it almost seems like this word luxury was invented here. Though the city is full of opulent palace hotels and gourmet restaurants it is also affordable. Despite its reputation as a high end city, it also prides itself on being accessible with dozens of museums and monuments which mean you can take in opulent surroundings without spending a fortune.

There are also budget friendly restaurants which cater for your needs if you know where to look, there are also plenty of hotels in the budget to midrange as pleasant as the more luxurious counterparts without the glitz.

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Cyprus is adored by all and sundry. It has many sandy beaches, historical sites and a rich culture. There are many luxurious accommodations and also cheap self catering villas in Cyprus which are still comfortable and some even private.  Whichever option you choose, you will be well surrounded by beauty, after all this is the birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite.

Whether on budget or not, if you are looking for wild parties, head to the action parked resorts of Ayia Napa or Limassol, while the quiet towns of Paphos and Lanarca give you a dose of culture and beach based activities. What they have in common here is plenty of top-notch accommodations from five star luxuries to simple self catering apartments which match any budget.




Luxury vs. Budget – Traveling the Best of Europe