Plan a Road Trip in New Zealand

If you’re going to take advantage of the beautiful road of New Zealand then why don’t take advantage of cheap car for hire services in the country?  Plan your road trip ahead of time and book a car or campervan from wilderness rentals or snap rentals and turn that dream of touring the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ a reality. More and more people are drawn by the spectacular views, scenic routes, historical sites, beautiful landmarks and botanical parks and fun outdoor activities that this country has to offer.

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Different types of travellers flock the country all-year round from solo travellers, backpackers, holiday makers and families embarking on a New Zealand road trip. Hiring a car for rent will help contain your expenses and to have the freedom and flexibility that taking public transportation won’t give. Where to start your journey? Auckland is the ideal starting point. It is the largest city in the country and has plenty of tourist’s attractions around. Get close and personal to New Zealanders history and culture by dropping by the Auckland Museum. Here you can learn about the country’s origin, its ancient people and be amazed by the Maori culture. Climb the Sky Tower, walk at the theme park located at Rainbow’s End and pass by the Auckland Bridge.

Another perfect destination is Rotorua. This region comprise the Pacific Ring of Fire therefore experiences continuous volcanic activity. What you will see here are geothermal parks, craters of boiling mud and rivers, steam vents and sewing and hot geysers. You can also visit the Waitomo Caves that is filled with glowworms and stalactites.

Your next destination could be Lake Taupo. Located here is the Taupo Hot Springs where you can relax, get a massage using their natural products whipped up from native beeswax. You can also enjoy a stroll at the spectacular hiking trails of Waikato region. Go for a swim or fish for some trout or visit the vineyards where some of the world’s premium wines were made. Wine connoisseurs will surely visit Coopers Creek Vineyard in Huapai to get a taste of their famous wines.

New Zealand is indeed one of the best places for a road trip. With New Zealand Holiday Homes scattered everywhere, there is no problem about finding a perfect place to stay after a tiring day of touring.

Make your stay in New Zealand worthwhile by booking your accommodation ahead of time. Stay at holiday homes in Auckland ( where you can have privacy and peace after a whole day of touring. Check out Wilderness Motor Home ( or snap car rentals ( for cars for rent.

Plan a Road Trip in New Zealand