Minnesota is a large state which is located in the Midwestern United States. As it lies adjacent to the Canadian border, this area experiences hot summers and particularly cold winters. Minnesota is also home to countless lakes and streams; hence the name which originally can be translated to “Minneota” (much water) in native languages. Now, this state is home to no less than five million inhabitants and many of these are centred around the areas of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. As Minnesota is actually the second-largest state behind Alaska, travelling to the numerous sights and attractions can be a bit challenging. For those who choose to visit, hiring a reliable rental car and procuring cheap holiday insurance is generally the best possible option.


One of the most striking aspects of Minnesota is the varied climate throughout the year. While the summer months can top out well over forty degrees, it is quite common to experience sub-zero temperatures from October until as far into the spring as April. For those who enjoy cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities, this may very well be the perfect state to frequent.


Although the state was formally founded in 1858, it is widely known that Minnesota was occupied by native peoples for centuries earlier. In most cases, the Dakota tribes lay claim to this land (hence North and South Dakota bordering the state). In fact, large burial mounds can still be found throughout the area and a sizable portion of the current population claims to be the direct descendents of these first “true” Americans. After the existing population was forcibly removed by government troops during the nineteenth century, white settlers moved in and set up trading posts. The two largest would eventually become the metropolitan centres of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.


Although there are a number of destinations that are enticing to visitors, perhaps one of the greatest natural sights are the Minnehaha Falls. These falls are as high as fifty-three feet (sixteen metres) and are said to be one of the tallest in the country. They are quite idyllic and make for the perfect photo opportunity for anyone venturing into this area of southern Minnesota. Historic structures such as the John Harrington Stevens House are located nearby. Many claim this structure to be the first wood-frame house that was built west of the Mississippi River.

Minnesota is a state that is as large as it is diverse and interesting. For those who plan on visiting the Midwestern portion of the United States, visiting this region is an excellent choice. Boasting natural beauty and a rich history, Minnesota is a glimpse into true American legend and lore.


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