Renting A Car Fast and Easy With Enterprise

About 2 months ago, we had been planning to go on a family road trip. There are 5 of us, my wife, and our three sons. We had everything set, from the hotel to the places we wanted to visit. It was something we all were excited about. A couple of days before our departure, I took the car to the local repair shop to have them check out the car, just to be safe. To my dismay the mechanic advised me that there were some electric issues that may cause a problem and would not recommend a long drive without repairing it.

Well that was something I did not expect. The worst part was they would be unable to repair in time as they had to order the parts since it wasn’t in stock. Cancelling the trip was not an option so I immediately started to search online for discount car rentals. As expected there were so many to choose from, some that I knew and many that I did not.

I called a few of them, made a list of the prices and what type vehicles that had. We needed an SUV or a Mini Van to hold the 5 of us and our belongings. I was amazed at how different the prices were from place to place. The place that provided us with the most for our money was Enterprise Rent A Car, not that surprising. Being one to research stuff I needed to get an idea of what was out there.

I should have known that Enterprise would be the best choice. After all being in business for more than 58 years has to amount for something. They were able to set us up with an brand new SUV with all the bells and whistles at a price that we could afford. The office that was near us did not have the vehicle, so they called around, found an SUV and had it delivered in time for us to pack and get ready.

As soon as the SUV arrived they called to let me know, had someone pick me up from our house to go to their office, where I used one of the discount codes for rental cars that I had to get a nice discount. I was so impressed with Enterprise that I decided to join their Enterprise Plus program where you become eligible for free rentals once you reach a certain number of points. It was a no brainer, it was free to join.

We had a great time on our vacation and we owe thanks to Enterprise Rent A Car for making it happen. Do yourself a favour and avoid looking for discount auto rentals and go straight to Enterprise where you do get a discount along with first rate customer service.


Renting A Car Fast and Easy With Enterprise