The best sites in London

The best time to visit London varies depending on the person’s desires to sightsee and budget. Many will definitely stand firm on the argument that the best time is in the spring when the weather has just turned from the vicious winter to a good balance on renewing life. Once you have decided on the right time of year to visit London, the list and interests are endless. can help with low rates on flights too.


Whether you are visiting for a few days or a few weeks the list goes on in what to do in London. Some favorites are places and activities that you can see London, but also won’t have you standing in museums all day. There are cultural highlights, shopping, tours, attractions and plenty to do for families. The many restaurants, cafes and bars are also a great outing as the delicious fusion foods are an adventure upon themselves. The nightlife beckons too with cinemas, clubs, theater, shows, musicals, and more.

First on the list is Buckingham Palace. As this is the home of the Queen the palace is usually closed to visitors. The interior is available for viewing during a brief period during the summer. In the State Room is where dignitaries and guests of state are entertained to this day. There is also a café. At any time of the year you can visit the Queen’s Gallery to see the collection of paintings and treasures.

Be stimulated by nature and hop over to the Columbia Road Flower Market. This Market overflows with buckets of beautiful flowers. Every Sunday you can stop by and smell the flowers, bulbs, herbs, shrubs, and bedding plants that are for sale. Along this colorful walk you will also see several independent galleries and shops selling all types of wares – from pottery to perfume.

After all the sightseeing you will be hungry, so add Chinatown to your itinerary. This area boasts great restaurants for all types of budgets. There is food from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and everything in between and even some in buffet style if you want the cafeteria feel. You will walk away full from this area.

If you’re not tired by the end of your day add a night out in London. It’s unlike any other place in the world. Thrill yourself with good acting and show tunes at one of the many musical acts. There is no shortage of talent and casts for every type of play. You may be in town for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, The Bodyguard, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, or Mamma Mia! What a selection to choose from. Be sure to check online for discounted tickets and times as you may be able to catch more than one show during your visit.

It does not take a lot to convince people of London’s magic. This has only covered a few suggestions on things to do. London awaits with much more.


The best sites in London
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